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36 Reese L. Harrison, Jr., KGC (08-11-1999) IX° 11-02-1992 (No. 134)
  Chief Adept 1992-2007 VIII° 02-20-1982 (No. 211)
  Past Celebrant 1982-1992 VII° 08-12-1978 (Oklahoma College)
  Fourth Ancient 1994-1998
  Counsel General 2003-2008  
  Preceptor 2008-2010  
  In ius voco spurius (Texas College)  
  Sue the bastards
  Iustitia Omnibus (Oklahoma College)
  Justice to all  
41 Leonard Philip Harvey VII° - Emeritus 2008
  Pares cum parlbus facimile congregantur
  Birds of a feather flock together
50 Graham Hugh Childress VII° - Emeritus 2009
  Eidem meam servabo
  I will keep my faith
51 William Michael Gower VIII° 03-06-2011
  Sul culque fingunt fortunam VII°
  Character fashions fate
66 Plez Avery Transou VII° - Emeritus 2009
  Aut invenian viam aut faciam
  I will find a way, or I will make one
69 Alexander Edward Blue VII°
  Per unitatem bis
  Through unity, strength
71 Michael Dee Phillipus VII°
  Omnia mutantur, nos et mutanmur in illus
  All things are changing, and we are changing with them  
73 Lawrence Eugene Tucker, KGC (02-10-07) IX° 06-16-2006
  Chief Adept 2007 - 2017 VIII° 02-13-2003
  Secretary 2002-2007 VII°
  Fourth Ancient 2008-  
  Circumvenit gvad circumit  
  What goes around comes around
74 Michael David Nanny VII° - Emeritus 2009
  Veritus vinci
  Truth conquers
80 Robert Lynn Jett VIII° 02-19-1998
  Treasurer 1993 - Present
  Esse quam vederi
  To be rather than to seem
83 Robert Paul Walker VII° - Emeritus 2008
  Acta non verba
  Acts not words
84 Pierre Goudeau Normand, Jr. VIII° 03-06-2011
  Plus ultra VII°
  There is more
85 Jack E. Beeler VII°
  Semper libens discere
  Always willing to learn, and adapt to change
87 Walter W. Rogers VII°
  Aut vincere aut mori
  Either conquer or die
89 David Benton Dibrell VIII° 09-28-2007
  Secretary 2007 - to present
  Quid quid a gis, optiage
  Whatever you do, do your best
90 John C. Nobles VII°
  Ex unitate incrementum
  Increase from unity
92 David A. Dunn VII°
  Iustitia Omnibus
  Justice to all
95 Lawrence Abraham Winkle VII°
  Mens sarain corpore sand
  Sound in mind and body
97 Brian Richard Dodson VII°
  Deo non fortuna
  For God not fortune
99 Larry T. Fairchild VII°
  Ad sumus ut servianus
  We are here to serve
101 Jerry Nelson Kirby VII°
  Exquiro veritas
  To serach for the truth
102 Allen H. Tuell VII°
  Semper verita
  Truth is eternal
103 Russell Clay Brown VII°
  Animus cujusque is est quisque
  It is the mind (or soul) which makes the man
104 Howard Bart Henderson VII°
  Pro Quo Credis Locum cape: de te Facta Tua Dicant
  Take a stand for your belief and let your actions
  speak for themselves
105 Malcolm Boyd Patterson, Jr. IX° - 2016
  Chief Adept 2017 - Present VIII° - 10-12-2013
  Pro Meridies Novus VII°
  For the New South VII°
106 Brent Scott Sherrod VII°
  Vis Vires oriundus deus
  Man’s strength arising from God
107 Elmer Murphey III VII°
  Internus est non externus
  It is the internal and not the external  
108 Teddy Dwight Hennis VII°
  Si colaboramus possumus pacere totis res  
  By working together we can accomplish all things  
109 Mark D. Myer VII°
  Novus ordo seclorum  
  A new order has begun  
111 Joseph Weldon Clampitte VII°
  Adulescentes hodierni sunt duces crastini  
  The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow  
113 Larry Gene Wallis VII°
  Semper contentio  
  Always contending  
114 Stephen F. Cross VII°
  Nil desperandum  
  Nothing is to be despaired or Never say die  
115 Robert A. Northcutt VII°
  Omni maneo prope ad Deo  
  Always stay near to God  
116 Robert J. Glasgow VII°
  Justitia omnibus  
  Justice for all  
117 Michael L. Wiggins VIII° 02-11-2010
  Suffragan 2010 - VII°
  Homo doctus in se semper divitias habet  
  A learned man always has wealth within himself  
118 Donald Wayne Broughton VII°
  Transit deinde adfectio commutatus  
  Let there be change  
119 Walter David Counts, Jr. VII°
  Pariter possumus  
  Together we can  
121 Thomas F. Griffin VIII° 02-11-2010
  Celebrant 2010 - VII°
  Nunquam compromise vestry potissumus  
  Never compromise your principles  
122 Charles E. McKay VII°
  Viri ad viros per orbem tarrarum fratres erunt  
  Man to man, the world over, shall brothers be  
123 Eddy Jason Rabe VII°
  Ego investigare pro veritas, fidelitas mea in Deo est  
  I search for truth, my faith is in God  
124 Brack Jones, Jr. VII°
  Fiat Lux  
  Let there be Light  
125 Morgan Douglas Adkins VII°
  Ut Deus exsisto gloria  
  To God be the glory  
126 James Roy Elliott VII°
  Meliora cogito  
  I strive for the best  
127 Walter David Melear VII°
  Vincit omnia veritas  
  The truth conquers all  
128 James Dwight Nyfeler VII°
  Ut prosium  
  That I may serve  
130 Jack M. Harper, II VII°
  Habenea publicus, per populus, pro populus  
  Government of the people, by the people, for the people  
131 Dillon E. Vanderford, Jr. VII°
  Felicitas est adeptio  
  Happiness is attainment  
132 Duane Anthony VII°
  Amor vincit omnia  
  Love conquers all  
133 G. Clay Smith VII°
  Pretium of licentia est non solvo  
  The price of freedom is not free  
134 Jerry L. Martin VII°
  Humilitas est totus radix virtualis  
  Humility is the root of all virtues  
135 Charles Andrew Murchison VII°
  Caelitus mihi vires  
  My Strength is from Heaven  
136 Larry Scott Wall VII°
  Deo gratias  
  Thanks be to God  
137 Wendell P. Miller VII°
  Concordia discors  
  Harmony in discord  
138 Terry Stogner VII°
  Perdentai visvires per erus  
  Wisdom & strength with the Lord  
139 Richard W. Heale VII°
  Inisisto causa  
  Follow reason  
141 Henry S. Martin VII°
  Vita est an vicis, beneficium ex is  
  Life is an opportunity, benefit from it  
142 John Charles Elkinton VII°
  Potius Mori Quam Foedari  
  Death before dishonor  
143 John Alan Hughes VII°
  Cogitare bis prius semel loquitur  
  Think twice before speaking once  
144 Tommy F. Chapman VII°
  Dominus regit me  
  The Lord is my shepherd  
145 Charles E. Fiscus VII°
  In opatione profecta est fortitudo  
  In prayer there is strength  
146 Steven R. Pepper VII°
  Deus te amat te amo, Atque quod est via est jens esse  
  God loves you, I love you and that is the way it is going to be  
147 W. Michael Spears VII°
  Intelligenti ingenii docilitate moke  
  Intellegence is the ability to adapt to change  
148 Dan W. Turner VII°
  Conscientia mille testes  
  Conscience is as good as a thousand witnesses  
149 E. R. "Pete" Mitchell VII°
  Deus, Fidelium Ad Mere Temperat  
  God calms the sea for believers  
150 Christopher D. Livingston VII°
  In Christo Ego Sum Lux  
  It is in Christ I am light  
151 Scott L. Mills VII°
  Suum Cuique  
  To each his own  
152 Bradley S. Billings VII°
  Fortuna favet menti paratae  
  Chance favors the prepared mind  
153 Todd W. Polk VII°
  Perfruere vita a finem  
  Enjoy life to the end  
154 Kenneth C. Curry VII°
  Audi alteram  
  Listen to the other side  
155 Thomas R. Murphy VII°
  Et vade et sit Deus  
  Let go and let God  
156 Paul D. Underwood VII°
  Ex umra in solem  
  From the shade into the sun  


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